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V-Wurld TV & Radio is a multi-media production company specializing in interactive & LIVE Mobile TV broadcasting, digital music media publishing, CGI Animation production, live event, and mobile TV productions. We also specialize in Virtual Reality VR-360 interactive productions. Our website is constantly adding new material, so please come back and see all the exciting developments being added!!! Feel free to browse thru all of our videos from our Player!!!

V-Wurld Animations!!!

it's almost here...

Coming Soon... The New "V-Wurld Singularity MadMind Labs - School of the Animation Arts"!!!

Students gain real world experience while learing.

Learn while working on actual productions!

Once a student master the fundamentals, they have the opportunity to shadow master animators while they work on major production projects.

  • Houston, TX, United States
  •  1-877-588-7111
  •  vwurldtv@gmail.com
  •  ( Enter Ext. #803 when calling our 800 number. ) Music submissions for the V-Wurld Jukebox, please note "Jukebox Submission" in your email. Thank you!